Wargrave Local History Society

Latest News - March 2011

Annual General Meeting

The March meeting of the Wargrave Local History Society began with the AGM, when the committee for the coming year was elected, and details of the 2012-13 programme given to members.

Following the formal part of the meeting, the Chairman, Peter Halman, gave a review of the year's activities - including the publication of The Illustrated Book of Wargrave and participation in the Village Festival, and outlined some of the ideas that the committee were considering for the future. The Secretary, Peter Delaney, then showed members a selection of items from the Society archive, and outlined the work being undertaken to catalogue and safely store the collection of books, maps, pictures and artefacts.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, April 10th, when John Coulson will talk about the Crofton Beam Engines and then on Tuesday, May 8th, Ann Armstrong will tell us about her experiences as a member of the Land Army during World War II.