Wargrave Local History Society

Latest News - June 2007

The Village Festival

The Wargrave Local History Society once again conducted a "Historic Village Walk" as part of the Wargrave Village Festival. Starting from the lych gate to St Mary's church, 40 people were able to hear about some of Wargrave's history, looking at the places and hearing of the people and events that have shaped our village over the past 900 years or more. The walk included the church and churchyard, and then across historic Mill Green to Church Street and the High Street, where we were privileged to see within the old village forge in School Lane. The Society has published a booklet - "Historic Wargrave Walks" - which contains 4 walks around parts of the village, including all the features mentioned on the festival walk. It is available at 2.50 from Victoria News.

For those who would like to know more about the village history, The Book of Wargrave at 10, and The Second Book of Wargrave, at 16, are also available from Victoria News and Sheeplands Farmshop.

The Society again took part in the Festival Parade, going "Westward Ho!" At the Festival Fete, a photographic quiz of 'details' to be seen around the village attracted a lot of interest - especially from many of those who lived here as children, who obviously have a very keen eye!

The Society displays at such events are drawn from items in our archives. This has been built up over many years - either with donations from people with 'village connections', or by them allowing us to copy photographs and documents that they have. As part of a "village" collection, rather than purely with kept by an 'individual', they are preserved for posterity. If you have any old items or photographs that you would like added to the Society archives, or to allow a copy to be made, then please let us know.