Wargrave Local History Society

Latest News - June  2003

Village Walks

As part of the Wargrave Village Festival, the Wargrave Local History Society conducted ‘Historic Village Walks’. Starting from the lych gate to St Mary’s church, about 60 people were able to hear about some of Wargrave’s history, looking at the places and hearing of the people and events that have shaped our village over the past 900 years or more. The walk included the church and churchyard, and then across historic Mill Green to Church Street and the High Street, where the changes in the types of shops available was perhaps the most notable feature.

After the Wednesday evening walk, many of the walkers partook of a very appetising and enjoyable fish and chip supper at the White Hart. A quiz on the village history - with questions largely based on the places seen on the walk, was won by Pat Edmiston, whilst the ‘team effort’ of Jane Pellaumail’s party also scored well.

The Wargrave Local History Society has published a booklet - "Historic Wargrave Walks" - that contains 4 walks around parts of the village, including all the features mentioned on the village festival walks. The booklet is available at £2.50 from either of the newsagent’s shops in Wargrave.

Local history is not all about ‘old’ events, ancient castles, or lords of the manor. It is the history of "ordinary" events affecting "ordinary" people in the area. If something ‘has happened’ - even yesterday, it is now ‘history’, and so we are interested to record it. For example, the River Thames floods from time to time - as pictures displayed at the Festival Fete showed. Maybe YOU have pictures, memories or other information about the village in the past. We are always interested to borrow to copy, or provide a permanent home for, any Wargrave related items like this, so the history is recorded for the future. Please let us know if you have anything like this to offer.